Get the Right Resources for the Filmmaking Kit

Film making is not a cakewalk, as most of the movie makers need to do planning of the resources that are needed for the shooting of the movies. The filmmakers need to gather all the sources and the recce team should seek for the latest equipments that will help in making the movie.

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Take A Sneak Peek Into The Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are regarded as God in Indian land and most of the crazy fans just to get a glimpse of their favorite actor or actress, line up in front of their home. The fan following can be seen outside their home in the mornings or in the evening time just to shake hands with them or take a picture with their favorite hero.

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Celeb Spotting – Homes that Draw Maximum Fan Crowds

Becoming a superstar of the millions of fans is a big deal and along with this superstardom in Bollywood, there comes a connection. Fans gather outside the homes of these celebs, follow them everywhere, try to shake hands, or perhaps even take a selfie with their star.

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Film Shoot Organizers – The Backbone of Scenic Shooting

A lot of hard work goes behind the shooting of a film. Whether it is shooting for a song sequence, a depiction of a palace, or the climax fight shot between the hero and the villain, if the location is perfect, then it adds to the beauty of the scene.

Hindi movies these days have moved out of the sets in the studios and have taken over the world too. The snowy mountains of Switzerland became more popular, with the heroine in her chiffon sarees dancing with the heroes in Yashraj films.

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Top 3 Film Studios in Mumbai and their Blockbuster Contributions

Mumbai is the city that is a home to Hindi film industry or Bollywood as it is now famous across the world for quite a long time. Though this industry in Mumbai produces hundreds of films every year, it is just one of the major film industries in the country.

What makes these movies such popular? Surely, the superior filmmaking, grand sets, interesting storyline and legendary and iconic filmstars, many of whom have international fan base contribute to the popularity of the Hindi film industry.

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