Film making is not a cakewalk, as most of the movie makers need to do planning of the resources that are needed for the shooting of the movies. The filmmakers need to gather all the sources and the recce team should seek for the latest equipments that will help in making the movie.

The direction team looks forward to the budget, equipments and the work force needed for the shooting of the movie. The right resources for filmmaking should be arranged by the moviemakers and their team in order to shoot for the film. The kits can be purchased from the popular online shopping sites or the stores that sell the equipments at reasonable prices.

List of Filmmaking Equipments

If you are going to shoot a film for the first time, one may face many hurdles while arranging for the required kit or some people may not be aware of the equipments that they need for the shooting of the film. Here is a list of filmmaking equipments that are used for film production by the direction team.

Digital Camera – The camera is a vital part of film production and one needs the camera with high resolution to make HD pictures. These cameras can be Sony F5, ARRI and Red Epic. If you are about to make a short film then the professional DSLR cameras like Canon 5D, 7D, etc. can be used by the filmmaker.

Reflector – With the usage of reflector while making the film, the dark shades that are usually under the eyes of the actors can be removed and this provides the glittering appearance to the performance of the actors.

Tripod Camera – The Tripod Camera is also necessary while shooting for the film, as this provides the zero shaking videos to the direction team. The camera is fixed on a tripod and this is usually affordable too.

Selecting the Right Set Lights – One of the necessary parts of the filmmaking kit is the set lights that play a vital role in filming the movie. If your movie is a low-budget movie then the three point lighting kit will be affordable for the director. On the other hand, if your movie is a high-budget movie then the set lights like Arc or Incandescent Lamp and Redhead Light can be used in the filmmaking kit.

Sound System – While making a movie, the sound system should also be perfect, as this will help in giving instructions to the actors and the handyman who are a part of the production team. One can use the mic, additional microphone that is an extension of the adaptors and the XLR cables, handheld microphone and so on.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the right resources for filmmaking production, the director and producer can make a great movie without any kind of obstruction. Even the right choice of the equipments can also help the moviemaker to save a good amount of money too.