Becoming a superstar of the millions of fans is a big deal and along with this superstardom in Bollywood, there comes a connection. Fans gather outside the homes of these celebs, follow them everywhere, try to shake hands, or perhaps even take a selfie with their star.

The magnetic attraction of the superstars draws the fans to their homes too. Thanks to the amazing pay that each of these stars draw, the celebrity homes also become famous. Starting from the times of Rajesh Khanna fans hang out outside the gate just to have a look at their idol in their house wave at them.

Let us check out few of the most popular homes of stars.

  • Shah Rukh Khan: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular film stars in the world. He has won over the hearts of one and all with his top class acting. He has completed 24 years in the film industry recently. However, his home, Mannat is the talking point for any tourist visiting Mumbai. The iconic palatial mansion is a heritage property worth Rs. 200 crores and more. Whenever he is at home, he waves at the fans from the terrace top barricade much to the glee of his fans. Located in Bandra Bandstand, the white mansion facing the beach is the biggest draw in Mumbai.
  • Amitabh Bachchan: The superstar Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most successful film stars in the country and has fans around the world. He has five palatial bungalows in Mumbai and very close to the Juhu beach is the one where he and his family lives. Every evening fans gather outside the main gate in scores waiting to have a glimpse of their idol. The actor has splendid tastes and has some of the most beautiful homes of celebrities in the country.
  • Salman Khan: The modest white flat of Galaxy Apartments is a hub and draws fans in droves to catch a glimpse of the star. Salman Khan lives in the flat with his parents and his brothers with their wives and children. The house is constantly a hive of activity thanks to the loyal fans and filmmakers who come to meet Salman Khan at his home. The house is in Bandra.
  • Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir has recently bought a splendid villa in Worli but besides that, he has few other homes too. He has been living with his parents actors, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor at his ancestral property of Krishna Raj. Ranbir had also lived with his ex-girlfriend in Pali Hills and had drawn a lot of attention from the media and paparazzi there. The Krishna Raj property is by all means a sprawling bungalow complete with manicured gardens and driveways.

Talking of the crowds, many celebrities tend to keep a low profile and prefer to stay out of limelight. Yet, their fans know that their idol lives there and make sure that they follow and look forward to waving at them whenever they get a chance.